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About Silk Caravan

In 2009 Silk Caravan celebrated it's 10th Anniversary. We are a not for profit association for the instruction, promotion and performance of Belly Dance.

Classes have been held regularly since 1999 and students have progressed and developed, with some students having joined the troupe. Performances continue to be held successfully and new events added to the calendar every year. Guest master teachers including Leonie Sukan and Amera are brought to Newcastle to run workshops.

Fundraising concerts are held regularly with guest performances from other local troupes and featured soloists. Silk Caravan has also performed and / or conduced feature workshops at the Sydney Middle Eastern Dance Festival. The troupe travel to Sydney to further develop their own skills through participation in workshops and classes by premier instructors. Several troupe members have travelled to Egypt and Lebanon to learn from leading professional dancer / instructors including Liza Lazizza, Lorna, Yasmina and Keti.

The troupe performs classic and modern Egyptian and Turkish bellydance, as well as folkloric styles such as Khaleegy and Baladi.

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